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Video Technology

Tackla & Associates has always been on the forefront of video technology. Beginning in 1980, 41 years ago already, and we’ve managed to keep pushing the boundaries of videography.

Tackla Court Reporting provides two-camera video with integrated iPad technology. Sounds mind-blowing? Well, that’s because it is. It is the most organized way of presenting witness testimony and we are the only firm doing this in the country!

It’s interactive.
It’s demonstrative.
It’s hip.

And in order to fully appreciate what this new technology is, we need to take a step back and briefly look at what came before it:

  • 1-Camera Technology : Sound boring? That’s because it is. But at one point in time, this was quite a development for taking expert witness depositions. It is one-dimensional and most things for demonstrative evidence were lost. So while for the time it was incredibly functional (much like typewriters), the one-camera video today, seems archaic and surprisingly, still widely used for expert witness testimony.
  • 2-Camera Technology : A bit more interesting perhaps, this technology brought new angles to the video. It allows the videographer to dissolve from a wide angle to a close up. It brought (no pun intended) legal videography into another dimension. Okay. We still like two-camera technology, much like we still like vanilla ice cream. But it’s just so much better when you start to add hot fudge.
  • 2-Camera Technology w/ Elmo: Exactly what we said before. Goes from wide angle to close up, allows for multiple angles, etc. But now imagine being able to see three-dimensional objects throughout the video by way of an Elmo (not the Sesame Street kind). Take a piece of paper, x-ray, CTscan, 3D model, small child and boom - the Elmo integrates it into the video. So what could possibly make it better than this?

Two-Camera Video with Integrated iPad Technology. Sound sexy? That’s because it is. It’s the cherry on top. Imagine you’re presenting in a courtroom. Opposing counsel presents their expert video testimony taken with 1-Camera Technology – it’s a head-on shot of the witness and it doesn’t matter how good-looking they are – you just can’t look at one angle of one person’s face for that long. It could be hours! And now the jury is yawning and daydreaming about lunch.

Then it’s your turn.

Your presentation is educational. It’s entertaining. The jury can’t help but pay attention and be engaged because they see multiple angles. They see picture-in-picture. They see what the expert witness demonstrated in real-time. They see saved PDFs now as exhibits with the expert’s notes made on the iPad.

This is the evolution of the video deposition. This is a technology that helps win your case. Call us today for more information and to set up a demonstration to see for yourself.