Tackla and Associates is part of a national network of court reporters and videotapers.

How many times have you had to travel out of state or out of the city and have gotten a court reporter/videographer by way of your secretary's efforts through a Google search, only to get COD'd after having to wait three weeks for a transcript? On top of that, it's nothing like you remembered the answers to be. No More! Tackla Court Reporting is part of a National Network of court reporters, videographers and trial support companies that will treat you as if you were one of their own clients. No more numerous calls and the hassle of scheduling. Just one call to Tackla Court Reporting and we'll do the rest! Let us do the work and handle the details and know that you're getting the best reporters and trial support around the country!

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Table 8 Network can be found in all 50 states! International Members can be found in all of Canada, All of Europe & Japan.