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Tackla Court Reporting has been the leader in legal videotaping since 1980. We were the first court reporting firm in the City of Cleveland to utilize videotaping as a service to our clients. When the S-VHS format came out in the industry, again, we were the first court reporting firm to use this high resolution taping format. We are the only firm in the country that utilizes two camera videotaping with iPad technology. All videos are shot in high definition and media files are provided via dropbox.

  • Standard one-camera videography.
  • Two-camera technology, exclusively at our firm.
  • Two-camera video with iPad technology & ELMO for picture-N-picture capabilities.
  • CLVS certified.
  • Videotaping via zoom with trial presentation

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Let us tell you about this better trial presentation. With two camera videotaping, it’s like having a “mobile video studio” wherever your deposition is held.